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Lafayette Youth
Arts Society
What is the contest?
For the past two years, the Lafayette Youth Arts Society has run annual writing and photography contests for middle school students. Our goal is to get kids to explore writing and photography as real interests, outside of English essays and Instagram selfies.
Important dates
Contest opening date: November 13th, 2017
Contest entries due: January 31st, 2018
Results announced: Early April 2018
Awards ceremony: May 2016 (date TBA)
Contest Links
Zoe Portnoff (left) and Sam Swan (right) set up the 2014 photography contest submissions for judging
LYAS Writing and Photography Contest
3rd Annual Writing and Photography Contest
To enter the 3rd Annual Writing and Photography Contest, check back at lyas.org on November 16th, 2015 to see this year's writing and photography/video prompts.

You can submit:
1-3 photos
1 video
1 written piece

Written entries and photos may be submitted by email or by post. (Videos must be emailed, for obvious reasons.) Emailed entries are due by midnight on January 31st, 2016.

Mailed entries must be postmarked January 31st, 2016
How to digitally submit an entry
Fill out the entry form and attach it to your email as a .pdf or .doc file (no signatures needed).

For written pieces: Attach entry and entry form to an email in .pdf or .doc format

For photographs: Attach entries and entry form to an email in .jpg, .jpeg or .png format.

For videos: Attach entry and entry form to an email in .mov, .mp4 or .wmv format (.wmv not preferred, but we'll accept it). ALTERNATELY, post the video to YouTube and send the link in your email, along with your entry form. If you want to be safe, submit both your video file and send us a link to it on YouTube, in case our judges are unable to open your video on their computers.

Note: If you post your video to YouTube, make sure to put your name somewhere in the video so that we know you really are the person who filmed it! If you don't put your name in the video, it may be disqualified.
How to submit an entry by mail
Mail your photo(s) and printed entry form to:
Lafayette Youth Arts Society
​P. O. Box 4
Lafayette, CA

If you submit two photos, you still only need one entry form!
What's New?
This year, we have an extra contest category: videos! To enter, submit a short video (between 30 seconds and one minute) that tells a story in response to one of the joint photography/video prompts. The quality of the camera you use to film your video will not be judged. If you don't have a professional film camera at home, don't worry; even a smartphone camera is fine.

The photography contest also has a twist this year: instead of submitting just one photo, participants may submit a series of one to three photos which tell a story in response to one of the joint photography/video prompts.
2015 Contest Prompts

Writing Prompts:
1. You're trapped in a photo. How do you escape?
2. Your reflection in the mirror just winked at you. What happens next?
3. You're inside the biggest library in the world... and the lights go out! What do you do next?
4. "Can I sit with you?"
5. Let your imagination run wild!

Photography/Video Prompts:
1. Black and white
2. Bright colors
3. Tour of Lafayette
4. New school
5. Festivity
If you're having trouble submitting photo contest entries to contact@lyas.org, please send them to lafayetteyouthartscontest@gmail.com until we can resolve the issue. Thank you!